June 2015

The ins and outs of food labelling

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With a population of over 35 million, Canada is an enticing place to launch new products or create new market opportunities. Canada’s population is growing faster than that of the United States (1.3% versus 0.9% in 2013) and our food & beverage consumption is higher as well. Canadians also tend to spend more per capita on non-discretionary items, such as food than do Americans.

However, formulating and labelling a product to comply with Canadian regulations can be challenging. Understanding and implementing regulations, policies and guidance documents requires experience and technical expertise. Source Nutraceutical Inc.’s teams of Regulatory and Graphics experts can help you get your products to market quickly, efficiently and compliantly.

With increased emphasis on food safety and traceability coming as a result of the passing of the Safe Food for Canadians Act and the creation of supporting regulations and changes to food labelling requirements on the horizon now is the time to ensure you have the proper support systems and experts in place to ensure your products are safe and compliant.

(use slider below to view the differences)


On the left is the Canadian version of a label and on the right is the US version of the same product.
Can you spot the similarities?

Common name ✓

Net quantity ✓

Legal agent name and address ✓

Ingredient list ✓

Nutrition Labelling ✓

Allergen Labelling ✓

In general, use of a print or type size that is prominent, conspicuous and easy to read. Use letters that are at least one-sixteenth (1/16) inch in height based on the lower case letter “o”.


Can you spot the differences?

In presentation, font size, bolding, location ✓

Metric versus Imperial measures ✓

Bilingual Labelling (French & English) ✓

Priority Allergens ✓

Formatting of the Nutrition Facts Panel ✓

Standards of Identity ✓

Permitted Sweeteners ✓

Health Claims ✓

Nutrient Content Claims ✓


Both Canada and the United States are proposing changes to the content and format of their respective Nutrition Facts Panel. These information panels are already highly technical and achieving compliance can be challenging.

Proposed changes to the US Nutrition Facts Panel (below on left) include:

Updated daily values and order of presentation ✓

Updated serving sizes ✓

Larger type for calories and larger and bolder type for serving size ✓

New – “added sugars” ✓

Change of mandatory nutrients to be declared to vitamin D, calcium, iron and potassium (% DV and actual amounts) ✓

Proposed changes to the Canadian Nutrition Facts Panel (below on right) include:

Move positon of “Calories” up, bold and increase font size ✓

Nutrients to limit intake of separated from nutrients requiring minimum intake ✓

Separate Daily Values for trans and saturated fat ✓

% DV for “total sugars” and declaration of “added sugars” ✓

Add absolute amounts for vitamins/minerals ✓

Remove Vitamin A and C, add Vitamin D and Potassium ✓

Achieving regulatory compliance in different markets can be challenging and keeping up with regulatory changes makes it even more difficult. At Source Nutraceutical, Inc. our job is to be the regulatory and graphics experts that you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get to market efficiently, cost effectively and compliantly. (info@sourcenutra.ca).


Did you know that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has an Import Guide for Food & Plant Products for Trade Fairs and Shows in Canada and that it has recently been renamed “Importation of food and plant products for trade shows and exhibitions in Canada” and updated. You can view it at http://www.inspection.gc.ca/food/imports/commercial-importers/trade-shows-and-exhibitions/eng/1376454237591/1376454238341.


Source Nutraceutical knows the ins and outs of the Canadian regulations for all consumer products. Contact us today (regulatory@sourcenutra.ca) and let us help you make the regulations work
for your products.

Whatever your regulatory, packaging and/or fulfillment needs are- contact Source Nutraceutical today to learn how we can help you achieve brand success and market penetration in 2015 (info@sourcenutra.ca).

Source Nutraceutical, Inc. is your “one-stop-solution” for strategic consulting, regulatory compliance, clinical trials, graphic design, bilingual labelling and importation and fulfillment services for foods, natural health products, cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceutical products in Canada. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your products to market quickly, compliantly and cost effectively.


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