October 2015

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At Source Nutraceutical one of our top priorities is ensuring that your product avoids a dreaded recall. Recalls can have a huge negative financial impact on your company and also damage your brand reputation.

Did you know that one of the number one reasons why recalls happen are due to mislabeled or unidentified allergens – which differs between Canada and the United States? Changes to allergen labeling continue to be made and it’s so important that you have a qualified and knowledgeable team clearly identifying those ingredients and potential allergens.

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The Source team was thrilled to be in attendance at two major Natural Health Product conventions in September. Marcel and Stuart were in sunny Baltimore at the Natural Product Expo from Sept 17-19, while Bernie, Stuart and Anne attended CHFA East in Toronto.

We were so happy to meet up with clients, current and past, as well as speak to so many people with a wide variety of unique and exciting products.

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bernie2We are so excited to be launching our “Inside Source” blog series! As a “One-Stop-Solution” we are host to a diverse team of individuals with a vast variety of knowledge. As a company we wanted to introduce you to the diversity that we are so proud of, with this personalized look into our team.

We thought there was no better way than to start off with our company founder and president, Bernie Desgagnés. Stay tuned for more staff interviews to follow in the coming months.

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