Source Nutraceutical Offers A Wide Array of Services For Companies Coming Into Canada

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance ServicesRegulatory considerations are of the utmost importance when bringing a product into Canada for sale. Our team of regulatory experts will assist you through the obstacles involved in ensuring your product is 100% compliant in Canada.

Packaging Compliance

Packaging Compliance ServicesOur graphic design team will maintain your brand identity while creating a fully compliant layout that will impress the Canadian consumer. We work hand in hand with our regulatory team to ensure your product claims are in line with Canadian regulations.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting ServicesOur president, Bernie Desgagnes, leads the Source Nutraceutical consulting team, which brings a strong mix of private and public sector experience to every consulting engagement. With over 25 years of experience we know how to get your product into the market quickly and efficiently while minimizing the risks.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials ServicesWith over 25 years of experience, our clinical trials team, will identify the key differentiators of your product and focus on developing a cost effective clinical trials program. This will quickly provide Health Canada Regulators with the necessary data to support your unique claims and the value of your product or formulation.

Food Safety Compliance

Keeping food safe is a necessity. Let our Food Division mitigate your risks and reduce your exposure to non-compliances by aligning your business and products’policies, procedures and processes to the applicable regulatory requirements, international standards and best industry practices.

Do Business In Canada

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