We Ensure Regulatory Compliance For Your Business

Regulatory considerations are of the utmost importance when bringing a product into Canada for sale.

Our team of regulatory experts will assist you through the obstacles involved in ensuring your product is 100% Health Canada and FDA compliant.

They will begin the process by identifying what type of market authorization is required. They will then compile and evaluate available research and prepare appropriate submissions to the government with all required data to support safety, efficacy and quality and accurately completed forms. Our team will take care of responding to the government inquiries and interpreting the conditions for our clients.

Basically, we handle the technical work while you get your product into the Canadian market quickly, efficiently and effectively.

How Is My Company Affected By Canadian Regulations?

Selling in Canada can be very lucrative, let us help you do it the right way by ensuring your products meet all of the rules set forth by Health Canada and the Canadian Government. Fill out the form below and we can help you find the answers you will need:

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All products must follow several steps to ensure the product is compliant to be sold in Canada.

These Products Include:

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