Happy New Years from Source

Happy New Years from Source

With 2016 upon us, much of the population comes up with New Years resolutions to help kick-start the New Year on a positive note. At Source, we have taken some of the most common New Years resolutions and put our own personal spin on them.


  1. Save Money

So many people look to spend less and save more as one of their New Years goals. At Source Nutraceutical we offer a one-stop-shop-solution, all in house, so bringing your product to the Canadian market will not only save you money but also save you time and stress.


  1. Spend less time working

At Source Nutraceutical, we take your project from start to finish, utilizing our in house regulatory, graphics, fulfillmentand consulting services. You will spend less time communicating with various vendors and ensuring quality, as we make sure everything is done consistently and as per all Canadian regulations. This leaves your schedule open to spend less time working and more time doing what you want to be doing.


  1. Try something new

Canada has a culturally diverse population of over 35 million. Although a smaller population than the USA, Canadians tend to spend more per capita on non-discretionary items, such as food. Canada also boosts two of the ten most populous cities in North America – Toronto and Montreal. Both of these markets are located in close proximity to the US border.

Consider bringing your product into the Canadian market for a brand new group of excited consumers to enjoy. Source Nutraceutical can ensure that your entrance into this new market is successful and stress-free.


  1. Eat healthier

Pre-packaged foods are convenient, especially on busy work-nights when all you want to do is relax. Compliant, easy to understand labeling on these pre-packaged foods can help consumers make more educated choices about what they’re choosing to eat in order to maintain a healthy diet. It can get confusing trying to understand the regulations and requirements to label a food or health product in Canada. Thankfully, packaging design is second nature to our team of in-house graphic design experts. At Source, our graphics team works hand in hand with our regulatory team to ensure your product claims are in line with Canadian regulations and your text is fully compliant.


  1. Learn a new language

Canada is a bilingual country. In 2011, approximately 7.3 million people reported French as their mother tongue in Canada, and 7.9 million spoke French at home on a regular basis. If you’re committed to entering the Canadian market on a national scale, knowledge and assistance in regards to French is an asset. The Source translation team is detail-oriented and versed in proper French grammar for a Quebec-speaking consumer (Did you know, Quebec French varies slightly from European French?) —so you don’t have to be.


Canada is an extremely attractive market to invest in and Source can help you get your products on Canadian shelves compliantly and conveniently. You can learn more about investing in the Canadian market by downloading our free white paper on the topic, or contact us today so we can get started on getting your unique product onto Canadian shelves quickly and compliantly.

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