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Back to School Healthy Lunches – Tips & Tricks!

Back to School Healthy Lunches – Tips & Tricks!

September already? Wow. Can you believe that back to school is upon us (or already happening)? In addition to the anticipation and excitement of a brand new school year beginning, there is also the stress of back to school lunch packing. Help take that stress out of planning, and add some new tricks to your lunch time routine with our back to school healthy lunch tips and tricks!

Bento box

#1 – It’s all in the presentation

Tired of the same old sandwich song and dance? Bentology offers a really neat lunch time solution with their Bento Lunch Box Sets. The sets use a variety of containers that mix and match to create the perfect portioned, delicious lunch full of variety. Now in addition to being environmentally friendly, it allows you to pack a variety of nutritious foods in perfectly sized portions; and hey, why not throw in a treat while you’re at it?

#2 – Pack the day before

We all know how mornings look for most of us and it’s usually not pretty! By setting aside 15 minutes the evening before to put together lunches you are ensuring you won’t be grabbing just anything on your way out the door (or grabbing nothing and settling for take out).

Snacks in glass containers

#3 – Don’t forget the snacks

Whether you’re packing for kids or for yourself, snacks are so important. Children have smaller stomachs and higher energy needs which makes healthy snacking essential. As adults, healthy snacking provides energy in between meals and also helps suppress our appetite so we don’t over eat. So be sure to throw a small container of nuts, fruit or crackers into your bag for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up.

Leftovers in containers

#4 – Make enough dinner for leftovers.

One of the most obvious tips is making extra dinner so you have something left for lunch tomorrow as well. Even better, pack up your leftovers after you’ve eaten but before cleaning up. Less mess, less clean-up and less time spent getting lunch ready. If you’re one of those people who isn’t a huge fan of leftovers – mix it up a bit! If you’re already making chicken, set some aside for a chicken sandwich; if tacos are on the menu, save the fixins for taco salad.


#5 – Keeping it fresh and cool

If you don’t have access to a fridge or place to keep your lunch cool lunch packing can be tricky. Try out this tip! Place a damp sponge in a sealable plastic bag and freeze. Add the frozen sponge to your lunch as a homemade ice pack! As it melts it will soak up the water and keep your lunch cool and dry. You can also get a similar effect by freezing a juice box or yogurt tube the night before and adding to your lunch. Yum!

Hopefully these tips have you ready to start packing! What are some of your lunch packing tips and tricks? Share them below!

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