2019 Begins: Upcoming Events & Appearances

2019 Begins: Upcoming Events & Appearances

Happy New Year! 2019 is the year of the Earth and Pig in Chinese Zodiac. Folklore dictates Pigs are the symbol of wealth. Their chubby faces and big ears are signs of fortune as well. We also predict a successful and prosperous 2019 for you!

One of the most effective ways to bring success is making new connections and spreading a message of help to those who need it. One of our teams’ favourite ways of assisting those in the industry, is attending trade shows and events. It gives our business development team a chance to really shine. Here are some of the upcoming shows that we’re itching to visit in the near future.


CHFA West: Voice of the Natural Health Industry

Over all our years of attendance, our team has learned that this convention run by Canada Health Food Association has a stellar reputation as the champion events in Western Canada. The event is tailored to showcase the thousands of innovative natural health, organic and specialty food products in North America and beyond. We love to visit Vancouver as well: and jump at the chance to walk the floors and schedule meetings with new and existing clients.

From yoga to the exhibit halls, and from education to live music, this trade show event sparkles with surprises and amazing products every single year. Located in sunny Anaheim, California—this enormous and leading event is a must-see for exhibitors and visitors alike. Featuring industry stars in the natural, organic and healthy products industry: we always feel alive when perusing and grazing all the features this fabulous show has to offer.

Are you planning to attend any of these events? Reach out to us via emailor twitter and we’d love to say hi or even set up a meeting.

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