Point-of-Purchase Marketing Solutions

Point-of-Purchase Marketing Solutions

Some would call Point-of-Purchasing (POP) marketing one of the most underrated retail sales techniques. It refers to an advertising display or any kind of marketing material that is placed next to the merchandise it’s promoting. It definitely plays a critical role in driving customer purchase choices. In fact, approximately 70% of all consumer purchase decisions are made while they’re at the store.

Why would someone choose this avenue of marketing?

Like any advertising, the placement of POP displays help draw attention to your products against competitors in the retail environment. They come in many shapes, sizes and forms like: shelf-mounted signs, lighted signs, isle displays or window signs. While the placement of the most effective POP displays in retail comes at an endcap, the decision is generally strategic and correlates with the habits of the target audience, and there are many options available that can be customized to your ideal customer.

It’s also an ideal way to help your customers make their decision inside the retail store–which can be the most memorable and vivid point in the consumer shopping experience. In many cases, POP displays are the most versatile, affordable sales person you could ever hire as part of your retail marketing strategy. Think of them like a salesperson you don’t have to train!

Optimum results from POP marketing isn’t just about eye-catching signs—it’s a good start–but placement and position should be strategized because this is also crucial to success. A simple message to get the point across to consumers when making purchasing decisions is primary, followed by the ways to draw attention.

Much of POP marketing can be subliminal, which is why most of the time we don’t notice it ourselves when shopping. Consumers count on POP for help in making their shopping selections, much like a form of education. This is why effective POP marketing draws attention to the product without drawing attention to itself.

Does this sound like the right solution for you and your brand?

POP displays ultimately help increase sales on the products and messages that you want to highlight at a much lower cost than advertising on a medium like television.

According to the Harvard Business Review, displays with signs (POP) with a one year life cost between 3 and 37 cents while reaching 1,000 adults with a 30 second TV commercial costs $4.05 to $7.75. When you want to reach a large audience, that cost will add up fast.

Our talented graphics team creates solutions that are much more than an eye-catching display. Here’s a few examples of how we’ve helped brands capitalize on the benefits that POP displays and marketing have to offer (click to enlarge):

Adding aspects to the marketing plan like QR codes, special offers, dynamic shapes and sizes, differentiating lighting gives retail shoppers extra reasons to stop in the moment and give a few minutes of their time to consider adding a couple extra things to their cart that day.

Want to learn more? Our sales and graphics team are happy to discuss options for you that retain control of your brand aesthetic and might take your brand to new heights on retail shelves!

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