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MARCH IS NUTRITION MONTH – Is your Food Brand Helping or Hurting the Cause?

MARCH IS NUTRITION MONTH – Is your Food Brand Helping or Hurting the Cause?

March is Nutrition Month in Canada, an annual initiative spearheaded by the Dietitians of Canada to address our population’s nutritional needs and challenges.

The theme this year is Unlocking the Potential of Food: Find a Dietitian.

The aim is to not just educate individuals about nutrition but actively provide ways they can access dietitian services.

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How the Food Industry Plays a Role

How we improve our collective health isn’t just about individuals or even healthcare providers.

The food industry plays a big role in ensuring the foods we have access to are clearly and adequately labelled.
It is not only a compliance issue (though this is critical – brands must know and adhere to the regulations!), but also an ethical one.
Proper food labelling goes a long way in promoting the long-term health of individuals and families. Providing detailed information that is compliant and easy to comprehend is paramount.

We Understand the Need to Balance Effective Marketing with Compliance

Having worked as a partner to the food industry for nearly 20 years, we recognize that companies typically have the best intentions.

As a brand, standing out on the shelf is important, but there’s a fine line between compelling marketing claims and statements that are misleading. And unfortunately, this still occurs despite strict regulations and compliance oversight from CFIA.

That’s why we work directly with creative and marketing teams, along with product development, to make sure your product is not misleading the public – while still standing out from competing products.


Are Your Food Labels Compliant? Health Claims Not Misleading – Even Unintentionally?

Two ways we help are food label compliance and health claim validation. Both have become even more important to address rapidly given new label regulations, including special attention paid to:

Learn more about our full suite of food compliance and labelling services here.

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Need Help with Food Label Compliance or Health Claims for Product Marketing?

Let us take the burden off your team so we can help you launch quickly and compliantly!

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