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Dr. Ramprasath Vanu Ramkumar

Dr. Ramprasath Vanu Ramkumar - Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Trials Specialist

What better way to distinguish your products from the competition than with real, tried-and-true claims backed by legitimate clinical trials? Dr. Ramprasath Vanu Ramkumar has more than thirteen years of research expertise in human clinical nutrition to develop functional foods and nutraceutical products and in understanding their mechanisms of action on various health benefits for humans, including over 8 years leading the research team at Richardson Centre for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.

With both Masters and PhD degrees in Biochemistry, along with certifications in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and regulatory strategies for Natural Health Products (NHP), Dr. Vanu Ramkumar has a proven track record of successful clinical trial research, both as a team and in collaboration with other institutional and industrial researchers. In addition to a multitude of published peer reviewed articles and reviews, he has also co-authored a manual on how to conduct a human trial with foods for preparing a submission for food health claims which was published by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.