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Krista Coventry, M.Sc.

Krista Coventry, M.Sc. - Director of Regulatory Services

Krista is a regulatory affairs specialist with 14 years of industry experience focusing on regulatory project management and strategic planning of client-based regulatory initiatives in the North American health products marketplace.  If you have a concept for a new health product, or want to tailor an existing product for the North American marketplace, Krista can help you navigate the regulatory hurdles required to gain market access.  Krista has expert knowledge of the acts, regulations, policies and guidelines relating to Natural Health Products (NHPs), foods, supplemented foods and organic foods in Canada.  She has advised numerous clients with products at the interface of NHP, food, cosmetic and drug regulations.  Krista routinely speaks at international conferences, workshops and seminars on current regulatory topics, regulatory modernization initiatives, health claims, and trending ingredients in these industries.

Krista has several distinguished volunteer affiliations with regulatory-based professional and/or scientific societies.  She is a member of Health Canada’s Food Expert Advisory Committee (FEAC); Vice-President of the Natural Health Product Research Society (NHPRS) of Canada; a member of the Board of Directors for CAPRA (Canadian Association for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs); a member of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) Food Regulatory Advisory Committee; a member of Seneca College’s Ad Hoc Program Advisory Committee for the Fundamentals of NHPs program; and a member of the International Regulatory Affairs Committee for GOED (Global Organization for EPA+DHA).

Krista is currently completing her Ph.D. at the University of Guelph on a part-time basis, with a focus on clinical research relating to NHPs and health foods.