If you have a food product to sell, you are in luck; we Canadians love to eat!

Unique and new food products are always in demand up North. As the Canadian population increases and demographics change, so does the appeal for those unique food options.

We can assist you in the sometimes-complicated business of selling food products within Canada. Our team of regulatory specialists has:

  • The technical ability in determining risks and practical solutions for your product
  • A great understanding of the government food regulations and compliance system
  • Knowledge of current and pending regulations

We will help you navigate the rules and ever-changing regulations to ensure that your product meets the market 100% compliant.

Did you know?

Ingredients and foods sold in other parts of the world (including the USA) are not necessarily acceptable for sale in Canada. There are differences in premarket evaluation, food additive usage, vitamin fortification and labeling requirements between trading partners. As well, some industry sectors require licensing and permit for manufacturing and importing.

Get your food product ready for Canadian shelves!