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Introduction to Canadian Food Labelling Requirements

When it comes to foods, creating compliant labels might seem straightforward on first glance. You read the regulations, follow the recommendations, and design your labels – only to be flagged or even recalled by CFIA (the Canadian Food Inspection Agency – the authority that polices food safety and compliance). But as many of our clients share with us regularly, food label compliance in Canada is no cake walk. It is known to be confusing with a high margin for error without the right experience and expertise in food labelling, regulatory affairs, and packaging.

To help you successfully label your foods in Canada, we launched a new webinar, Introduction to Canadian Food Labelling Requirements. Presented by Erin Taraborrelli, Director of Regulatory Affairs at SNI, we cover the most important aspects you should know about Canadian food label compliance, including:

  • The regulatory framework in Canada
  • Mandatory labelling elements – ingredient listings, allergen and gluten statements, Nutrition Facts Table (NFt)
  • Claims and other voluntary content
  • New regulations – including the Supplemented Food Regulations

SNI Webinar 01
Overview of US Food Labelling Requirements

Struggling to make sense of food label regulations for the U.S. market? Need more specifics on how to comply as a food brand? In this webinar, you will learn an overview of U.S. food labelling requirements, including what the regulations are, what is mandatory on U.S. food labels, how to properly list ingredients and allergens, guidelines for label claims, and more. Presented by Director of Regulatory Affairs at SNI, Erin Taraborrelli. Have a question? Leave a comment and let us know!

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