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Source Nutraceutical Offers A Wide Array of Services For Market Entry

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory considerations are of the utmost importance when bringing a product into any market for sale. Our knowledgable team of regulatory experts will assist you through all the obstacles involved in ensuring your product is 100% compliant.

Food Safety Compliance

Keeping food safe is a necessity. Let our Food Division mitigate your risks and reduce your exposure to non-compliances by aligning your business and product policies, procedures and processes to the applicable regulatory requirements, international standards and best industry practices.

Packaging Compliance

Our graphic design team will maintain your brand identity while creating a fully compliant layout that will impress consumers in Canada, U.S., and globally. We work hand in hand with our regulatory team to ensure your product claims are in line with all regulations.

Creative Services

Our award winning in-house Creative Services department has decades of combined experience in product packaging, branding, promotional materials, and web design services. We can take your existing brand, new idea or service offering, and give it the face and message you are looking for.

Quality Assurance

We keep quality a top priority at every step. Whether your trial is early or late stage, NHP or pharma, quality assurance lets you rest assured your study is going according to plan and in accordance with Good Clinical Practices (GCP).

Warehousing and Distribution

We can offer fully secure Health Canada site licensed warehouse. We are experts in distribution services and act as an extension of your business to reduce your logistics costs, improve customer delivery and reduce your risk in the marketplace.

Strategic Consulting

If you are looking at differentiating yourself from your competitors or bringing new products into the market our Strategic Consulting team can also work with you to plan and execute the clinical trials you will need to execute your sales goals.

Research and Development

Developing a new product or commercializing an ingredient is no easy feat. With differing regulations for each product category, and multiple pathways to market available, navigating it efficiently can be a complicated process.

Clinical Trials

In today’s health products market, having product-specific research provides a competitive advantage. Our Clinical Trials Team has helped many clients to substantiate product claims, or pursue more aggressive health claims, prior to initiating regulatory pre-market review.

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