Warehousing and Distribution

With one-stop-shop and positive customer experience always in mind, we offer a fully Health Canada site licensed warehouse.

All licensed products (NHP, drug, cosmetic, medical device, etc) that enter the Canadian market must be received through a Health Canada licensed facility. We are GMP Certified and site licensed by Health Canada for Importation, Storage, Fulfillment and Labeling.

You will have your mind at ease knowing that SNI will not only receive and ship your product, but that we will also fully utilize our in house regulatory, consulting and graphics teams to ensure a quick and painless entrance into the Canadian market. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Lab testing
  • Quality assurance
  • Sample retention

We are experts in distribution services and act as an extension of your business to reduce your logistics costs, improve customer delivery and reduce your risk in the marketplace.


Strategically Placed Site Licensed Warehouses
Reduced Transportation Rates

Pre negotiated rates with major International and Regional carriers can save you over 25% on your shipping costs

Importation & Distribution Consulting Services

Let us manage the documents required to get your product into Canada without delay

Reliable Customer Service

We believe we are an extension of your business; you sell it we get it to your customers

Additional In House Services

Health Canada Regulatory / Quality Assurance Consulting Bilingual Graphic Design and Packaging Compliance


Natural Health Products

Our regulatory affairs specialists are experts in NHPs and can assist you in all aspects of the process required to be licensed with Health for the market.


Our regulatory team will advise on the three key components of the cosmetic regulatory framework: mandatory notification of all cosmetic products, safety of ingredients and products, and product labeling.


All drugs sold in Canada must undergo premarket review and be issued a drug identification number (DIN) prior to sale in Canada, even if the FDA has already approved them. In order to receive this number the drug must be proven safe, effective and of high quality.

Food Products

Unique and new food products are always in demand up North. As the Canadian population increases and demographics change, so does the appeal for those unique food options.

Consumer Products

Don’t get stopped at the border for non-compliance and face a recall in Canada for unsafe and/or misbranded products. Let our Regulatory experts help ensure the safe and compliant marketing of your product in Canada.

Medical Devices

All Medical Devices and healthcare products sold in Canada must meet all the requirements of the Medical Device Regulations even if they are currently FDA approved.


Organic standards, certification and labeling differ greatly between countries and even Canadian provinces. We have a wealth of knowledge in ensuring your organic product meets all regulations and certifications to be sold as an organic product in Canada.

Pet Products

Canadians love their pets and animals, so it’s no surprise that animal products – including food products, veterinary drugs and cosmetic/grooming products are a growing market up North.

Controlled Substances

Controlled substances or drugs that are categorized as having a higher than average potential for abuse or addiction require licenses that are site and activity specific.