Pet Products

Canadians love their pets so it’s no surprise that pet products – including food products, veterinary drugs, health products and cosmetic/grooming products are a growing market.

As is the case for humans, cosmetic/grooming products for pets must meet the Food & Drugs Act, Canadian Cosmetic Regulations along with a range of guidance documents. Please check our Cosmetic Products webpage for additional information.

Health Canada has divided veterinary drugs in two categories depending on the risk they pose to your beloved friend: veterinary health products and veterinary drugs. Both categories are evaluated by Health Canada for safety, efficacy, and quality and once they have passed government scrutiny are issued a product licence.


As a general guideline, veterinary health products contain ingredients such as:

      • vitamins and minerals
      • herbal remedies
      • homeopathic medicines
      • traditional medicines like traditional Chinese medicine
      • probiotics
      • other products like amino acids and essential fatty acids

The following products intended for animal use are also classified as cosmetics and are subject to the provisions of the Food & Drugs Act and Cosmetic Regulations including mandatory notification of all cosmetic products, safety of ingredients and products, as well as product labeling:

      • Cleansing
      • Improving or altering the complexion skin, hair, or teeth
      • Deodorants and Perfumes

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