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Natural Health Products

Natural Health Product (NHP) Experts

Helping your NHP brands claim their place on Canadian shelves since 2004

In Canada, dietary supplements are referred to as natural health products (NHPs).

As a population, health-conscious Canadians are increasingly turning to NHPs to improve their health and well-being.

NHPs must be shown to be safe, effective, and of high quality, and must attain a product license with Health Canada prior to sale. Importers, manufacturers, packagers, and labelers of these products must maintain a current Health Canada site license in order to conduct these activities.

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Many times of natural ingredients can be included in NHPs, including:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Herbal remedies
  • Homeopathic medicines
  • Traditional medicines like traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic (East Indian) medicines
  • Probiotics
  • Amino acids
  • Essential fatty acids

Our regulatory affairs specialists are experts in the Canadian NHP regulatory framework and associated policies. We can assist you with any or all aspects of NHP regulations, including licensing, clinical trials, and post-market compliance. And because branding is a priority for NHPs, our graphics team will ensure your current labels and artwork are compliant and compelling.

Our Canadian NHP services include:
  • Product development consulting and strategic planning
  • Classification Ruling
  • Liaising with Health Canada
  • Regulatory feasibility assessments
  • Health claim validation
  • Health Canada Ingredient additions
  • NHP Product Licensing for pre-market approval - Product License Applications (PLAs)
  • NHP clinical trials
  • NHP labelling and label review
  • Product packaging design and compliance
  • Canadian French translation services
  • NHP branding
  • NHP Master Files
  • NHP Site Licensing

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