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Today’s competitive marketplace is filled with innovative, data driven products.

Let us help your brand stand out from your competitors and deliver your product messaging backed by our strategic, regulatory, creative, and clinical solutions.



Supporting drug innovation to improve global health.

Dietary Supplements

Eliminate risk and responsibly market your unconventional products.

Natural Health Products

Helping NHP brands claim their place on retail shelves since 2004.

Food Products

Speed to market with award-winning design that checks all regulatory boxes.

Consumer Products

Help ensure the safe and compliant marketing of your product in Canada, U.S., and globally.


Bring your innovations to life in the exploding personal care market.

Medical Devices

Develop and validate your medical device compliantly.

Controlled Substances

Unlock the therapeutic potential of drugs safely and compliantly.

Pet Products

Bringing the best of science to the animal health market.

Get your product on Retail Shelves!

Let Source Nutraceutical help guide you through the rules and regulations.