Natural Health Products

Canadians are avid users of Natural Health Products. As a population, Canadians are very health conscious and this demographic continues to grow rapidly, positively affecting the Natural Health Product segment.

The following products must be shown to be safe and effective and must be licensed with Health Canada prior to sale:

  • NHPs
  • Nutritional Supplements
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Sports Supplements
  • Sports Nutrition Products

Importers, manufacturers, packagers, and labellers of these products in Canada must also be site licensed in order to conduct these activities.

Our regulatory specialists are experts in NHPs and can assist you in this process, while our graphics team will ensure the adaptation of your current labels to Canadian compliant artwork is just perfect.

Natual Health Products



Did you know?

70% of Canadians use Natural Health Products, nutritional supplements, dietary supplements, sports supplements, and sports nutrition products on a regular basis and 80% of these users say that they are very or somewhat important to their families.

Find out how we can help get your Natural Health Product ready for the Canadian Market!