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PRESS RELEASE: December 2022

SNI Launches New, Custom-Built Clinical Trials Facility to Advance Healthcare Research in Winnipeg


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Canada (December, 2022) – Source Nutraceutical, Inc. (SNI) is delighted to announce the official unveiling of its new, custom-built clinical trials facility located near the company’s head offices in Winnipeg. This investment in infrastructure and equipment will enable more companies in the natural health, pharmaceutical, and food industries to carry out life-saving clinical research to support the advancement of healthcare in Western Canada and around the world.

“We are excited to contribute not just to advancing healthcare research in Canada, but to help industry develop credible, life-changing products to improve the health of our population. By adding clinical trials to our already robust regulatory and creative services, we are able to provide clients with the full suite of services needed to get to market quickly and compliantly.”

Bernie Desgagnés, President & CEO

SNI Clinical Research is ideally situated within reach of over 800,000 potential study participants, which allows the healthcare industry to conduct research in populations typically under-served, such as those in remote Northern regions.

In terms of capabilities and health areas served, the facility is equipped to conduct clinical trials from early-stage studies through phase IV trials to investigate the efficacy, safety, and market potential of new drugs, over-the-counter medications, natural health products, functional foods, medical devices, and more. Research areas of focus include those common among the Canadian population, such as metabolism, cardiovascular health, the microbiome, gastrointestinal health, and more.

About SNI – Your Source for Market Compliance

With a strong track record of success on behalf of our 600+ clients, and nearly 20 years in the business, SNI is your ideal strategic partner for market compliance in Canada and globally. To help you achieve your market entry goals, we offer regulatory compliance, clinical research, and creative services for a faster speed to market. We specialize in pharmaceuticals, natural health products, foods and beverages, medical devices, and more.

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