The Source Assurance – Regulatory Affairs

The Source Assurance – Regulatory Affairs

At Source Nutraceutical, we are known for our “one-stop-solution” mentality, but today our focus is on one significant part of that solution, our Regulatory Affairs department. We are not only experts in Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, but we also act as an extension of your business. What else sets us apart from our competitors? Well, let us tell you!

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Direct Lines of Communication

We communicate directly with regulators (Health Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, FDA) on your behalf to help your company attain regulatory acceptance or resolve issues with products or labeling.

Knowledge of requirements in international markets

Our expertise extends beyond Canada! We can assist you in entering multiple international markets at the same time [U.S., E.U., Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, etc.].

Creative solutions to meet your needs

Our team focuses on providing creative solutions to help you navigate regulatory requirements that can often seem overwhelming.

Importation & Distribution Consulting Services

We manage all the documents required to get your product into Canada without delay.

Broad cGMP and Q/A expertise

As the holders of both a Site Licence and Drug Establishment Licence, we have practical in-depth knowledge of cGMP and Quality Assurance requirements. We ensure that all documentation and paperwork meets Health Canada’s guidelines for the importation and sale of Natural Health Products, Drugs and other consumables.

Understanding of both the business environment and the Regulatory environment

We have a great combination of regulatory and market knowledge to help you enter the Canadian market quickly, efficiently and compliantly, in a way that best showcases your product from concept through importation and distribution to all channels.

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