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Your Passport to the North American Market

Your Passport to the North American Market

When you jet set off somewhere new and exciting your passport is the most important item that you carry with you. It is your ticket into each new country and you would without a doubt be denied entry without it in hand. Why should bringing a product into a new country be any different? At Source Nutraceutical Inc., we are your Passport to the North American Market and we are thrilled to come along with you for the ride.

First stop, Strategic Consulting Services. Source boasts a team of professionals who are experts on not only the importation process, but also Health Canada legislation, regulations and compliance. They provide expert guidance on market entry and marketing support strategy to get your product into the market quickly and effectively. In addition to this, they help manage the risks, health claims, formulations, quality control, contract manufacturing, etc. Basically they are the dream team designed to make your job SO much easier.

Another part of your journey includes Regulatory Affairs – one of the most important aspects to keep in mind when bringing your product into a new country. Our regulatory team at Source is highly skilled in regards to their knowledge of Canadian regulations, and will ensure your product is 100% compliant. We know what you can say, what you can’t, and where you can say it in regards to claims, ingredients, and everything else to do with your product and its packaging. With the full intelligence of FDA & Health Canada regulations, trust in our team to do all the tough work so you don’t have to.

During the regulatory portion of your trip you may want to take a pit stop and invest in Clinical Trials, another area we take great pride in! Not only can we advise you in the rules of the land regarding product claims, but we can help you design meaningful, unique claims that will set you product apart. We know the product marketplace and we are experts in managing clinical trials to get your products and claims to the market quicker!

Have you considered our Creative Services in your travels? Our award-winning team of graphic designers can ensure complete packaging compliance using your existing packaging or designing it from scratch. In addition, we offer eye-catching design and branding, website and e-commerce design and development and even specialize in creating a robust over labeling solution for test or small market production runs. So whatever your creative problem, we offer a simple and one-stop-shop solution!

Last but not least, we also can assist you with Warehousing & Distribution. We take away the headaches of importation, duty, customs, etc. and make sure your product enters the country legally and without a hiccup. We have site licensed warehouses in both Toronto and Vancouver and same-day order processing. Utilizing these services allows us to help you with your journey from start to finish!

At Source we cannot wait to help you bring your product in the Canadian market. With our assistance, knowledge, and one-stop-shop model, the journey will not only be painless, but also quick and stress free. Let us be your passport!

Check out our Passport and contact us today to learn more!

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