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Major Regulatory Changes Ahead for Canadian Veterinary Health Products!

Major Regulatory Changes Ahead for Canadian Veterinary Health Products!

New rules are on the horizon for pet health products in Canada!  Canadian and international suppliers in the veterinary health product sector should mark their calendars in anticipation of major regulatory changes coming in the fall of 2017!

Since 2012, suppliers selling pet health products in Canada have had the option to participate in a voluntary LRVHP (Low-risk Veterinary Health Product) notification program.  This program was managed by the Canadian Animal Health Institute and an independent third party, the North American Compendiums.  However, in October of 2017, this program will be phased out, and replaced with a mandatory regulatory Notification Program, managed by Health Canada’s Veterinary Drugs Directorate.

The upcoming Health Canada veterinary health product program is rumored to be similar to the existing program, but may include additional parameters, such as user fees and adverse event reporting.

Source is keeping a close eye on these regulatory developments in the Canadian pet health product sector, and will provide future updates as new information is available to industry. If you have an existing veterinary health product, or are looking to develop one in the near future, connect with Source’s Regulatory team today for more information.

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