Health Canada Introduces ‘Single Window’ for Cannabis-Related Questions

Health Canada Introduces ‘Single Window’ for Cannabis-Related Questions

In March we blogged about Health Canada’s proposed approach to the regulation of cannabis, and the packaging and labeling requirements. Even more recently: The Health Products and Food Branch of Health Canada has announced that it will introduce a “single window” opportunity to address all issues and inquiries related to health products containing or for use with cannabis.

This includes human drugs, NHPs, medical devices, as well as questions related to clinical trials.

Members who are interested in operating in the cannabis industry or manufacturing cannabis-containing health products can use this single window to:
  • Submit any questions related to submissions and applications for health products containing or for use with cannabis that have not yet been filed with Health Canada; and,
  • Request pre-submission meetings for health products containing cannabis.

The single window will respond to questions based on the information available in published regulatory proposals only. It will not confirm details specific to the final regulations or their administration and enforcement.

Take advantage of the cannabis single window by emailing Questions related to the overall approach to the regulation of cannabis should be submitted to and inquiries related to applications that have been filed with Health Canada should continue to be submitted to the appropriate review area.

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