20 Years of Pantone’s Colour of the Year

20 Years of Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Our graphics team wouldn’t be pushing out the awesome results for our clients without Pantone Matching System(PMS). The reason that a Pantone colour should be used on packaging is to ensure the brands colours are consistent throughout–as opposed to a CMYK structure.

Every year, the talented team at PANTONE experts analyze trends in all aspects of daily life like the entertainment industry, fashion and technology to decide on the winning and fashionable colour choice for the upcoming year. Below is a synopsis of the last 20 years of hot pigmentations chosen by the authority in hues.



Pantone 15-4020

The first ever Pantone Colour of the Year. This calming, sky-like blue represents the millennium and was meant to bring a sense of peace and tranquility.


Fuchsia Rose

Pantone 17-2031

Drastically different than the previous year was this exciting, saturated pink. Why did they chose it? Who knows. Maybe simply because it was so different from the previous year.


True Red

Pantone 19-1664

This bold, patriotic and powerful shade was chosen as a remembrance of the attacks that occurred on 9/11. True Red represented those involved in the tragic attacks.


Aqua Sky

Pantone 14-4811

Pantone blues seem to be Colour of the Year every few years, selected for their serene qualities. This cool blue was meant to inspire hope.



Pantone 17-1456

Orange was having a moment. Inspired by the tiger lily flower, this fiery orange is bold and meant to inspire creativity.


Blue Turquoise

Pantone 15-5217

Another blue! Also taking inspiration from nature is this cool turquoise, the colour of the ocean on sunny day.


Sand Dollar

Pantone 13-1106

Yet another colour reminiscent of nature. This natural, sandy colour was chosen to represent the economic troubles at the time. This colour was very popular for fashion and interior design.


Chili Pepper

Pantone 19-1557

This deep red refused to be ignored. With its adventurous spirit, this red is bold and confident and would surely add some drama to your wardrobe or home.


Blue Iris

Pantone 18-3943

Adding some excitement to this blue is a splash of purple. This colour was meant to inspire an anchoring and meditative state.



Pantone 14-0848

According to the press release from Pantone, “no other colour expresses reassurance more than yellow”. This sunny yellow gives off the feeling of warmth people were craving in this time of economic uncertainty.



Pantone 15-5519

Similar to Blue Turquoise chosen in 2005, this tropical colour has a little more green in it and radiates the stress-free feeling of a vacation.



Pantone 18-2120

This fun reddish-pink inspired confidence, courage and optimism. Pantone wanted something that would lift peoples’ moods and there’s no denying the fact pink is a happy colour.


Tangerine Tango

Pantone 17-1463

This energetic orange is dramatic and continues to push in the same direction as the previous colour. Its reddish-orange hue is reminiscent of a vibrant sunset.



Pantone 17-5641

In contrast to the past two warm, vibrant colours is this deep, jewel-like colour that represents growth. This appealing tone was great for both fashion and interior design and has a very elegant feel to it.


Radiant Orchid

Pantone 18-3224

Sitting on the opposite side of the colour wheel from last year’s colour is Radiant Orchid, a harmony of fuchsia, pink and purple. This captivating colour is meant to spark creativity and expression.



Pantone 18-1438

This earthy, dark red-brown is elegant and sophisticated. Much more neutral than previous colours of the year, this year’s colour was easy to incorporate into living spaces because of its versatility.


Rose Quartz

Pantone 13-1520


Pantone 15-3919

For the first time ever, Pantone selected two shades instead of just one. This colour combination had a peaceful feeling to it and reflected on the fashion world challenging gender and leaning towards gender neutrality.



Pantone 15-0343

Pantone described Greenery as “nature’s neutral”. Living in such a fast-paced technological world leaves us craving a connection with nature, and with more greenery being incorporated into architecture, home décor and fashion this yellow-green shade was a perfect fit for 2017.


Ultra Violet

Pantone 18-3838

With the trend of everything and anything space related, this mystic purple was brilliantly selected. Its mysterious and imaginative qualities represent “what is yet to come” and is meant to inspire exploration and artistic expression.


Living Coral

Pantone 16-1546

And finally, this year’s colour. Chosen for reasons similar to Greenery, Pantone described this colour as sociable, spirited and engaging. Living Coral is meant to encourage us to unplug from technology and engage in authentic human interaction.

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