Source offers food and product photography services

Source offers food and product photography services

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… and good photography plays a huge role in determining sales! High quality product photos are a driving force of engagement, conversion, value and retention for customers. These photos not only enrich your content, but help you speak to your target audience as well. The cost of attention has been a dramatic business expense that has only increased in the last couple decades, and it’s important to ensure that your product photography grabs (and holds) consumer attention!

Why is good product photography so important?

It builds your brand! High quality product images communicate to consumers that your brand is professional, innovative, diverse, and of high quality. Good photography is not a short-term plan, but also a long-term solution to ensure your company gets recognized as a market leader. You’ve spent time and money developing a product that you’re proud of… and you need photography to show it off!

It holds attention! According to a recent infographic on marketing, 93% of buyers claim to focus on visual appearance when shopping for products. Photography can take something ordinary and make it truly stunning. We want to ensure that your products stand out on the shelf, as well as in your social feed, with eye catching images of your products that will excite!

It gives a good first impression! In business or consumer interactions, first impressions are extremely important. You only have roughly seven seconds before a decision is made regarding your product, which isn’t a lot of time to make that positive impression on a buyer. Good photography on a simple piece of packaging has the ability to create that strong impact!

Why are we right for your brand?

Here at Source Nutraceutical Inc, we are able to create beautiful photography of your product! Our food photography techniques, as well as our team of food stylists, can make your product jump off the page, packaging, promotional piece, or social media feed. We can provide live photo direction via Facetime during the shoot as well, ensuring that you get the perfect shot! Below is a list of services we have to offer:

  • Food photography
  • Food styling
  • Product photography
  • Models available
  • Full kitchen studio
  • Massive prop selection
  • Cutting boards, dishes, stemware etc.

Want to learn more? Reach out to our team today!

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