CHFA West 2020 Recap

CHFA West 2020 Recap

CHFA West – A great new experience this year for our Food Regulatory Manager, Leanne Lutomsky, who joined our Business Development Director, Stuart Greenfield. From February 21-24, our team was enjoying the beautiful Vancouver sites and connecting with current and potential clients.

The team flew into Vancouver a day before the tradeshow and was able to join in on a USDA conference titled “Supporting Canada’s Food Landscape through USDA and their Partner Trade Services”.

We learned about some exciting opportunities for US manufacturers and how we can better support these businesses when they want to cross into the Canadian market.

On the tradeshow floor, there was a wide variety of great products being showcased. Snack/convenience foods were definitely the most common, which makes sense in our current fast-paced world.

We also saw a nice balance of “traditional” products like meats and cheeses, with many great plant-based or mixed options.

There really is something for everyone!

We saw a focus on functional foods, utilizing naturally occurring and beneficial ingredients like probiotics, fruits with antioxidants, and mushrooms.

Trying to cram as much good stuff as possible into a small cup of coffee or bite-size snack – and our team was thrilled to be there to try it all!

It was a great experience to meet with many of our wonderful clients and it is always great to see our hard work being showcased on the label of some amazing products! Lots of great products out there and we look forward to another successful year with our current and potential partners.

With so many products being brought into the Canadian market every year, we can’t stress enough how important it is to have compliant labels. With the new Regulations deadline fast approaching in 2021, it is crucial that food manufacturers give themselves enough time for label updates and print production in order to make sure there is no non-compliant product left on the shelves by the deadline.

Our team at Source is filled with experts on food regulations and graphic design formatting. We are always here to help – contact us today!

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