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Ingredient Supplier? How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Clinical Trials

Ingredient Supplier? How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Clinical Trials

When we think of clinical trials in the natural health space, finished product brands often come to mind. But for ingredient suppliers, the data resulting from clinical research can be a powerful and under-utilized tool to differentiate and expand your market reach.

In today’s competitive environment, it’s no longer enough to just be unique or address a health trend or even target a high-need population.

The key to lasting success as an ingredient requires differentiating while also gaining an intellectual property advantage.

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One way to do this is through clinical trials. Conducting your own research on your proprietary ingredient can offer a powerful competitive advantage when done strategically. You can design a study based on the marketing positioning you desire, and the audience you want to reach, so that the data supports your business goals.

Types of Clinical Trials for Natural Ingredients

Study size and scope can vary, as well as participant outcomes, depending on your aims and budget. Research objectives for ingredient suppliers can vary, and can include exploring expanding health claims,gaining evidence in a new population/target group, etc.) But once done, you are armed with clinical results that can be used to your advantage to drive awareness and interest in your ingredient business.

Many suppliers rely on proprietary clinical data to:

  • Showcase the unique attributes and features of the ingredient
  • Establish clinical efficacy for a promising and high potential area of health and wellness
  • Demonstrate how the ingredient is different (and superior to) competitors and alternatives
  • Broaden the appeal of your ingredient’s applicability in different formulations, dosage forms, and combinations
  • Explore new potential health claims and marketing messaging
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Clinical Research as a Long-Term Business Strategy

When prioritized as a business strategy, clinical research is one avenue that can yield results and a competitive edge that lasts for many years to come.

If you are an ingredient supplier looking to gain an advantage through clinical trials, the SNI team is here to listen to your business objectives, develop a strategic pathway forward, and ensure your trial runs smoothly – while achieving the goals you set from the beginning.

Our clinical trials team is experienced in a wide range of research studies, ranging from pharmaceutical trials through ingredient studies in the dietary supplement/natural health product and food industries.

Our facility is equipped to serve the specific needs of ingredient suppliers.

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