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It’s Clinical Trials Day. Let’s Keep Prioritizing Groundbreaking Research

It’s Clinical Trials Day. Let’s Keep Prioritizing Groundbreaking Research

Every year on May 20th, we recognize Clinical Trials Day, spearheaded by the Association for Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP). On this day, we acknowledge the critical role of clinical research in improving the lives of patients through groundbreaking research.

This year’s theme is “Together We Can” – a sentiment that brings together not just the health products industry but those involved in carrying out clinical trials.

Clinical Trials Day Logo

There are many skilled scientists and medical professionals behind the scenes, including the team at SNI (who are ACRP certified).

They are dedicated to raising the bar in terms of clinical research standards, integrity, and quality for both sponsor and patient.

In the spirit of this year’s Clinical Trials Day, we want to highlight some of the work our team has done to help advance the industry:

Icon showing body and arrows showing data

105+ clinical trials
completed by our team

icon of paperwork

100+ research papers

icon of a person and three stars

20+ health areas
across team

icon of a city with group of people

Access to >800K
patient population

icon of three raised hands

hands-on conduct
of pilot and phase I-IV, PK, and BE studies


There are many product types and health areas our team specializes in.

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