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SIAL Canada – 2017 Recap

SIAL Canada – 2017 Recap

Source Nutraceutical Inc. attended SIAL 2017 in Toronto from May 2 to 4. Our Director of Business Development, Stuart Greenfield enjoyed browsing the floors for industry trends, and fantastic product samples. He wanted to share highlights of the event and dole out to you what he took in!

Here’s a collage of Stuarts most memorable moments

“Learning that Kiwis are not only grown in New Zealand but also in Europe – especially Greece and that they are delicious.  The EU had a larger presence this year and were promoting a wide range of foods not normally associated with Europe such as the Kiwis and delicious beef.”
“Tasting the Twist Cheese from Balactis from Quebec – a very salty but delicious cheese snack.”
“Sampling the halawa from Jordan.
Thank you to Mohammad at Al-Tammam Factory for Tahina for providing me with my morning halawa treat every day of the show.”
“Learning even more about olive oil and participating in a tasting class to sample and understand the differences in olive oil.
It is no different that wine tasting to learn about the different notes and underlying flavours based on the region of origin and the method of preparation.”
“Enjoying the traditional tastes of Scotland at the Scottish pavilion, including the lamb, salmon and haggis. This was the first time in 49 years that true Scottish haggis was available in Canada and the fact that our team was able to assist with the regulatory and packaging requirements to make it happen made it that much more exciting. The haggis is delicious if you ignore the recipe and simply enjoy it.”
“The increasing interest in the retail Canadian food market from countries in the Middle East, Latin and South America not to mention our trading partners to the south – the U.S.
Clearly the Canadian food market provides valuable opportunities for growth given our diverse cultural makeup and interest in foods and flavours from around the world.”

With with almost 1,000 booths from over 60 countries SIAL gives us the opportunity to better understand emerging and evolving food trends. From new ingredients to new food processing techniques, SIAL allows us to get a snapshot of the ever-evolving food industry so we are positioned to provide our clients with the most current strategic consulting.

Did you attend as well? Have any SIAL memories you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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