#BeLikeJoe – “Do it Yourself”

#BeLikeJoe – “Do it Yourself”

Ah the great debate, to “Do it Yourself” or to leave it to the professionals.

There are so many situations in life where our “Do it Yourself” intuition takes over and we embark on a journey of questions, unknowns and, at times, trial and error. While this can be a great learning experience and perhaps cost saving, there are certain things that really should be left to an expert. When it comes to entering a new marketplace with a business or product, Source Nutraceutical is the expert that you’re looking for.


As we continue to follow our entrepreneur, Joe, in our #BeLikeJoe campaign, we see him in the beginning stages of considering bringing his product into the Canadian market. Now Joe has often relied on his “Do it Yourself” intuition. In fact it has helped him along his path to becoming a successful business owner in the United States. When Joe first considered bringing his product to Canada he did a simple internet search to see if this was another task he could check off easily himself.

Boy was Joe caught off guard!

At Source Nutraceutical we see many clients who attempt the “Do it Yourself” avenue and end up regretting it. It may be a recall from Health Canada for a variety of issues that you probably had no idea even existed (Canadian regulations are very different than US regulations). It may be their product being denied at the border completely because of a labeling or ingredient issue. It may be a lawsuit that develops from the lack of appropriate allergen labeling (did you know that Canada has different primary allergens than the USA?). This is only the tip of the iceberg.

You see, Canada is a very different market than the USA with different governing bodies, different rules, different expectations, and a very different process. On his own Joe would be faced with an overwhelming amount of responsibility to ensure that his product entered the market completely compliant and without fear of recall.

If you are considering bringing your product into the Canadian market, #BeLikeJoe and let the experts at Source Nutraceutical help you along your journey. Talk to Stuart or Candice, our fantastic business development team members today to learn how we can help you get your product onto Canadian shelves in a cost and time effective manner. We can’t wait to help you #BeLikeJoe!

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