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Don’t be Caught on the NAUGHTY LIST

Don’t be Caught on the NAUGHTY LIST

When it comes to Food Labeling compliance, best be on your nicest behaviour and ensure your labels are properly developed to lower the risk of your product being pulled from store shelf or not entering the destined market. The food label is a key consumer tool used to provide key information on the product you are about to ingest.

Consumers are demanding transparency with more of them reading food labels to keep their caloric intake in check, to evaluate the ingredients in the product, to keep allergens at bay or to seek out specific health claims. Undeclared allergens remain one of the main reasons for product recalls-milk being the most forgotten to list in Canada in 2018. Make an ingredient list and check it twice!

Food producer need to put a lot of effort into creating the perfect labels for their product, ensuring compliance with Health Canada and CFIA can be daunting and cumbersome. Understanding the ins and outs of the regulations, mandatory versus voluntary label information, permitted food ingredients, allowed food additives limits, rounding values, allergen declaration, health claims are all factors to consider when developing labels.

Additionally, food producers want to create a visually effective food label that will attract consumers and set itself apart from the competition. Food packaging and labels should reflect the uniqueness of the food product and brand through logo, design, colours.

The elves at Source are ready to help you unwrap all the tinsel, garland, and wrap around the regulations to get your labels in compliance and get them to shine in your stocking, under the tree and on the shelf. Contact Source today to learn how we can help!

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