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Health Canada’s Commitment to Compliance Monitoring – Hand Sanitizers

Health Canada’s Commitment to Compliance Monitoring – Hand Sanitizers

Recognizing that there is a significant increase and attempt to sell sanitizer products to Canadians: in February of this year, Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) issued a compliance notice to all businesses that hold natural health product licenses for alcohol-based sanitizer.

Some of the items outlined in the notice include:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Label Claims (IE “Kills 99.9% of bacteria”)
  • Alcohol Denaturants Limitations
  • Health Canada’s Compliance and Enforcement Approach
  • Post-Licence Product Changes and Amendments
  • Site Licence Information

The new sanitizer compliance monitoring project was introduced because since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many NHP hand sanitizers have been recalled from the Canadian market because they contain ingredients that are not permitted by Health Canada, do not contain the right amount of active ingredient, contain impurities above acceptable limits, are not properly labelled or are missing important risk information.

Are you a product manufacturer interested in–or on your way to–Canadian retail shelves with a new and exciting hand sanitizing product?

The team here at Source can help answer any of the questions you may have about your hand sanitizing product compliance in Canada. Drop us a line!

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