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SNI Speaker with Venturepark Labs: Packaging Strategies

SNI Speaker with Venturepark Labs: Packaging Strategies
Venturepark Labs is a community of business, brand, culture, and CPG specialists. They can help all aspects of business—from funding some companies, to marketing others. They can help with scaling, reinventing, and strategizing to drive business growth. They are a true Innovation Hub.
Here at SNI, we pride ourselves in the firm belief that developing long lasting professional relationships is the key to maintaining success as a Canadian entrepreneur. We know that whether the relationships are with a customer, a partner, or a vendor, over time, this mindset will repay itself several times over. This is why we were thrilled when Venturepark Labs reached out to talk with us about their incubator program: where they share live speaking sessions from product experts that have first-hand entrepreneurial experience.

Last month, our own Marcel Fisette, Creative Director here at SNI was very excited and honored to be invited to speak on the topic of "Packaging Strategy". Venturepark had many up-and-coming brands present at the event, and we were thrilled and honoured to assist this community of business, brand, culture and CPG specialists.

If you have questions regarding consumer packaging, regulatory compliance, or ongoing market support, be sure to contact the team at SNI to help you in your product commercialization. 

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