SNI Clinical Research

SNI Clinical Research

As a full-service Canadian contract research organization, SNI has a wealth of experience supporting our clients along the research and development pathway: from the start of a product concept, to attaining a health claim on a marketed product!


Why participate in a Clinical Trial?

As a clinical trial participant, you can take pride in knowing that you are helping to advance innovation in science and technology for future generations by supporting the clinical research process.


What is it like to participate in a trial with SNI Clinical Research?

While participating in an SNI Clinical Research trial, we conduct our studies per international guidelines for clinical research (ICH-GCP). All of our studies undergo an independent ethics committee review and approval prior to our starting recruitment. All trials will be conducted under the supervision of a qualified investigator (typically a registered physician) and other research professionals. It is important for participants to make an informed decision before taking part in clinical trials, we will make sure to answer of your questions are answered by a member of our research staff before you begin study procedures.

Most studies start with a telephone pre-screening questionnaire to determine your eligibility to participate. If you are deemed eligible, you will come to our clinic site, located at 202-1107 Munroe Ave (Winnipeg) for your screening visit, to determine further eligibility. After that, study procedures vary depending on the study protocol, but will be listed in your informed consent form that the research staff will review with you at your first in-person visit.

Photo of the front desk of our clinic

At SNI Clinical Research, we ensure that all clinical trial participants are treated with the utmost respect. We appreciate your time spent participating in our studies.

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