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#LetsMoveCanada! June 3 is National Health & Fitness Day

#LetsMoveCanada! June 3 is National Health & Fitness Day

On Saturday, June 3, join the SNI team as we recognize National Health & Fitness Day 2023. Established in 2014, this day aims to promote the importance of physical activity and healthy living among Canadians.

As a company rooted in health and wellness,
the entire team at SNI is excited to participate in this year’s events!

The goal: to encourage Canadians of all ages and backgrounds to participate in physical activities that promote health and well-being.

National Health & Fitness Day logo

This can include anything from walking, hiking, and biking to swimming, yoga, and team sports.

Because as we know, moving your body has important benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, mental health, and overall quality of life.


To help you get some ideas to embrace the #LetsMoveCanada movement, the official National Health and Fitness Day toolkit is available. It contains tips and resources for non-profits, municipalities, ambassadors, and other organizations looking to get active!

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