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#BeLikeJoe – “Do it Yourself”

There are so many situations in life where our “Do it Yourself” intuition takes over and we embark on a journey of questions, unknowns and, at times, trial and error. While this can be a great learning experience and perhaps cost saving, there are certain things that really should be left to an expert.

When it comes to entering a new marketplace with a business or product, Source Nutraceutical is the expert that you’re looking for.

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Health Canada’s proposed cannabis packaging/labelling requirements

Have you noticed that impending legalization of Cannabis is a hot topic across Canada, including the packaging / labelling industry? Learn about the proposed packaging and labelling requirements for cannabis products and how we can help!

Read summary of the comments received during the public consultation


Fighting Back Against False Claims

In many ways, claims on food labels can help consumers make better and easier choices when shopping, when they are used correctly.

Products should not be given an advantage on the market for stating certain features that the food inherently does/does not have, and this is one thing that the CFIA tries to enforce.

READ MORE » About how ensuring your food label is compliant to Canadian regulations can save you time and money


CASE STUDY: Background, Problem and Results!

From formula and nutrition research and calculations, to Health Canada appropriate translations, to a print-ready art file delivered to the printers—Read about how Source Nutraceutical, Inc. helps bring a already cutting-edge and rising star product package to Canadian on retail shelves and in consumer homes.

Read more about this Effective and Efficient Process


NEW Packaging Science: Tactile Expiry Labels
What if understanding when the food was safe to consume was even easier to understand? When it is smooth – the food is fresh, when the bumps can be felt – it is no longer safe to eat. Sounds ground-breakingly simple!



Source Nutraceutical knows the ins and outs of the Canadian regulations for all consumer products. Contact us today ( and let us help you make the regulations work for your products.

Whatever your regulatory, packaging and/or fulfillment needs are- contact Source Nutraceutical today to learn how we can help you achieve brand success and market penetration in 2021 (

Source Nutraceutical, Inc. is your “one-stop-solution” for strategic consulting, regulatory compliance, clinical trials, graphic design, bilingual labelling and importation and fulfillment services for foods, natural health products, cosmetics, medical devices and pharmaceutical products in Canada. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your products to market quickly, compliantly and cost effectively.


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