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Clinical Research: What Could It Mean for Your Brand?

Clinical Research: What Could It Mean for Your Brand?

Being in the health and wellness sector, you are likely aware of the role of clinical trials. To show the product works as promised, to substantiate a label claim, to test its effectiveness in a new population.

But one of the biggest, often overlooked benefits of clinical trials is to defend your market position—that is, to stand out as unique and differentiate yourself from the sea of competitors.

Why is this Benefit Overlooked so Often?

Any company can create a novel formulation and devise a compelling health or marketing claim. But not all can successfully gather and use data to support these promises. This is due to the gap in understanding how to design and run a clinical trial that will support your company’s unique objectives.

In other words, you might know what clinical research IS.
But do you know what it CAN DO to showcase your brand and business?

Top advantages for companies that include clinical trials as part of their market launch strategy – whether NHP, food, medical device, pharmaceutical, or other product type include:

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  • Showcase and publicly support the unique attributes and features (ingredient, dosage form, combination with other ingredients, dose, format, niche diet, etc.)
  • Validate efficacy for a trending or currently under-served area of health and wellness
  • Demonstrate with certainty how the product is different from everything else out there, and the ways it is superior to alternatives
  • Find a new sub-market of the population that can benefit from your innovation, and support this with clinical research data in that population
  • Validate and substantiate potential health claims and marketing messaging that will further brand recognition and trust while, again, defending your market position as the pioneer or leader in your space

Designing and completing a clinical trial from start to finish can be a daunting task. That’s why companies look to experienced clinical research organizations, like SNI, to lead the way.

Services you may need as you develop your clinical trials strategy:

Overall, when prioritized as a long-term business strategy, clinical research is one avenue that can yield results and a competitive edge for your food, NHP, drug, or other brand.

If you are looking to gain an advantage through clinical trials, the SNI team is here to help. We are experienced in a wide range of clinical trials, from pharma trials through ingredient studies in the dietary supplement/natural health product and food industries. Our facility is equipped to serve the specific needs of ingredient suppliers (explore our facility here).

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