Regulating Weed Eaters

Regulating Weed Eaters

The newly published survey results from Deloitte anticipates the Cannabis edibles and infused products will create a booming $2.7 Billion annual market. From the 2,000 adult Canadians surveyed online, the likely edible users plan to consume gummy bears, cookies, brownies or chocolates at least every three months.

The proposed new classes of cannabis regulations are set to be brought into force by no later than October 17, 2019, these are to address the following risks:
  • Appeal of such products to youth;
  • Risk of accidental consumption, especially of edible cannabis, including by youth;
  • Risk of overconsumption associated with edible cannabis (because of the delay in experiencing the effects of cannabis when it is ingested rather than inhaled) and cannabis products with a higher concentration of THC;
  • Risk of foodborne illness associated with the production and consumption of edible cannabis;
  • Risk of dependence and other negative health outcomes associated with cannabis products with a higher concentration of THC or cannabis products that contain ethyl alcohol or caffeine; and
  • Potential health and, in some cases, safety risks associated with the use of certain solvents, carriers, and diluents.
To protect weed eaters, edibles will need to follow the following requirements:


    • Need to be shelf-stable
    • Food and food additives to be in accordance to FDR
    • Cannot be fortified with vitamins or minerals, nor contain poisonous or harmful substances
    • Prohibited to use any food described in a TMA
    • Prohibited use of meat, fish, poultry as ingredients
    • Dried meat products allowed if follow laws, SFCA and water activity 0.85 or less
    • Prohibit edible cannabis in hermetically sealed container if pH above 4.6 and aw higher than 0.85
    • Ingredients with natural occurring caffeine allowed (eg. Chocolate, tea, coffee) not exceed 30 mg
    • Use of caffeine additive prohibited.
    • Ethyl alcohol max of 0.5% w/w as by product in fermented ingredients and products
The nutritional information included on edibles is proposed to run parallel to current food products with the following to be listed:
  • List of ingredients
  • Common name of the cannabis product
  • Allergen declaration (incl. sulfites) or part of ingredient listing
  • Durable life date
  • Cannabis-specific nutrition facts table (NFT)
  • Font size, font type, spacing all consistent with other labelling requirements

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