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Supplemented Food Regulations

Supplemented Food Regulations

There is a new pathway for your unique product!

A regulatory framework to allow market access for supplemented foods without pre-market review and approval by Health Canada. Forget the Temporary Marketing Authorization! With the guidance of SNI’s regulatory team, your supplemented food product can be on Canadian shelves without further delay.

A proposed coming-into-force date of June 2022, we expect the final publication to be announced soon. Our team has researched the regulations and is excited to help our clients make the transition.


So, what will the changes look like?

Image showing a mocked-up can of product with a Supplemented Food Facts table and Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI) on the font panel, followed by Cautionary Statements.

List of Permitted Supplemented Food Categories

These are the categories of food products which would be permitted to be supplemented under the new regulations.
A visual table titled: LIST OF PERMITTED SUPPLEMENTED FOOD CATEGORIES. Column 1 lists item numbers in order. Column 2 lists the Food categories. Contact us for more details.

List of Permitted Supplemental Ingredients

This will define the ingredient, the foods in which it is permitted, the maximum amounts, any cautionary statements that are triggered, and any other labelling requirements.
This includes Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids, Caffeine, Taurine and Herbal Ingredients.

Mandatory labelling requirements

In order to distinguish supplemented foods from traditional foods, there will be unique labelling requirements:

Supplemented Food Facts table (SFFt)

Preview of the title of a Supplemented Food Facts table (SFFt)

Cautionary Statements

There will be set threshold levels which dictate the use of cautionary statements such as:

  • Not recommended for those under 14 years old
  • Do not exceed X servings per day
  • If you take a daily supplement, you may be getting too much vitamins or minerals by consuming this product.

Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI)

The Supplemented Food Caution Identifier (SFCI) is required on the front panel of certain supplemented foods and will have a standard or compact option, dependent on the size of the principal display surface area.

Two preview examples of 1) Bilingual Standard Format (BS); Bilingual Compact Format (BC)

Products which have already been issued a TMAL will be allowable for sale within a 3 ½ year transition period, provided all requirements as outlined in the TMAL are followed and no changes are made. Products with an outstanding TMAL submission at the time of the coming into force of these regulations will still be reviewed as usual.

If approved, they will receive a written authorization permitting sale and will be given the remainder of the 3 ½ year transition period to comply with the new regulations.

Since the estimated publication date has passed, we expect the announcement any day now. You can reach out to our team today to find out what this means for your unique food product!

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